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Washcloths is here to help you clean up on bulk washcloths at a great price! We offer two selections of white wholesale washcloths ? a more luxurious, super-soft ringspun style, and a cheaper, 100% cotton style that is still soft, but not quite as plush as the ringspun wholesale washcloths. Both styles are generously-sized at 12?x12? and are perfect for a wide variety of locations, including areas of lodging such as hotels and motels, as well as spas, nail salons, physical therapy centers ? even pet groomers!

If you prefer the look of colored washcloths, a popular choice for spas or any industry where stains are simply going to happen, we offer our super-soft bulk washcloths in an array of options. From a soft powder blue to a fresh, crisp cucumber, your choice of washcloth colors can help enhance and complement the look and feel of your business or lodging facility. You can even opt for different colors to differentiate which tasks or people each is for. For example, in a nursing home you might offer male residents navy wash cloths and female residents hunter green wash cloths. In a pet grooming business, you might use salmon colored wash cloths for washing paws, and burgundy wash cloths for cleaning faces. This can help keep track of all the bulk washcloths you have, and better determine how each should be cleaned. You can also mix colored wash cloths with white wash cloths, reserving the white for uses that would require bleaching after use. There?s more to wholesale washcloths than meets the eye!

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