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Bath Sheets and Bath Towels

Kristen Bed & Bath has the wholesale towels you need to wrap your guests or patients in soft, absorbent comfort. From our popular super-soft ringspun towels, to our colorful wholesale beach towels, we?re fully stocked to meet the needs of countless industries! Looking to buy new hotel towels? Our crisp white ringspun towels are a perfect fit. You can regularly wash and bleach them without worry of fading, and your guests will have the comfort of seeing just how clean they are! Shopping for salon towels? Our grey or pastel wholesale towels make a smart selection. These colors will help to better hide the inevitable stains from hair dyes and treatments.

While wholesale bath towels or wholesale bath sheets are a must for any institution or location where guests will be showering, from hotels and motels to campgrounds, if your destination is such a hot spot because of its close proximity to the beach ? or your fabulous pool! ? offering your guests wholesale beach towels is a great perk they?re sure to remember next time they?re planning a getaway. Even when guests do remember to pack a few beach towels in their already-stuffed bags, we all know that once you get to the beach you wish you had more. Some of us have even snuck our hotel towels to the beach for a sandy adventure ? returning them at the end of the day, of course! Whatever your wholesale towels needs, whatever your budget, will never leave you high and dry. Well?OK, maybe dry!

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