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Assorted Shower Shoes, Flip-Flops, and Sandals

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large, our shower flip-flops are a popular, affordable option for hospitals, spas, salons, gyms, dorms, water parks, shelters and more! Providing a layer of protection between the wearer and the shower floor, shower shoes can be instrumental in avoiding the Athlete?s Foot fungus, or any contact-based infection. Many common bacteria love a warm, moist environment, and showers - particularly showers that many people are using all throughout the day - provide an ideal environment for them to grow and spread. Shower thongs easily, efficiently, and economically help keep your skin from coming into contact with these bacteria and fungi.

As important as protection from fungi and bacteria is, shower flip-flops give assistance in more ways than one! They are simple to slip on and off, which is especially important for the elderly and those with limited mobility, and they can give you a bit more traction in the shower, helping to prevent slips and falls. Shower thongs can also be a barrier to would-be cuts and scrapes from damaged shower floor tiles, uneven grout, or anything that may have been dropped in the shower, bathroom or locker room. They make a welcome treat for guests in hotels, water parks, and salons, and can be an important part of preventative care in a medical setting. Who knew a simple pair of shower shoes were so smart? Kristen Bed & Bath did!

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