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Pillow Covers & Protectors

In an ideal world, pillows and mattresses could be washed regularly just like sheets and towels, but until that laundering miracle becomes a reality, protection is of the utmost importance! Our wholesale pillow protectors help you extend the time between pillow washings without sacrificing hygiene or comfort. With a simple zip, our zippered pillow protectors encase your pillow in durable, machine washable protection, allowing you to provide yourself, your guests, or your patients with a clean and cozy place to lay their head.

Fresh bedding should never be considered an option, particularly in a medical setting, hotel, or anywhere linens are shared by different people day to day or week to week. The high-quality wholesale pillow protectors at can be an important part of your linen lineup, coupled with mattress protectors. Available in Standard, Queen and King sizes, in Polyester/cotton blends, vinyl and quilted styles, we bring the best pillow protectors for every home and institution, whatever their needs and budget. Rest easy knowing you?ve taken the necessary steps to protect yourself or others with zippered pillow protectors from Kristen!

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