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Custom Hygiene/Toiletry Kit

Item #:
Regular Price:
Shampoo/Body Bath:
Hair Conditioner:
Hand & Body Lotion:
Hair Brush:
Bar Soap:
Soap Box:
Twin Blade Razor:
Shaving Cream:
Junior/Child Toothbrush:
Toothbrush Cap:
Toothbrush Holder:
Dental Floss:
Mouth Wash:
Nail Clippers:
2oz Baby Powder:
Cloth Face Masks:
Shower Cap:
Flip Flop Shower Shoes:
Rain poncho:
Emergency Survival Blanket/Foil Wrap:
Wet Nap:
2oz Hand Sanitizer:
Laundry Detergent:
Towels and Washcloths:
Feminine Hygiene Products:
Custom Hygiene/Toiletry Kit
  • No matter the situation, Kristen Bed and Bath has you covered. By using the easy to use drop down menus above, you'll be able to create whatever combination suits your needs. If you need multiple kits, just select what you'd like in them and then change the quantity at the top of the page. As always, if you need any help completing your order, call our toll free number at 1-800-432-7571.

    Features of YOUR custom kit:
    • All kits are sealed in a zip-lock or drawstring closure plastic bag
    • Washcloths are 12x12 and Towels are 20x40
    • All kits made to order to suit your specific needs
    • Your kit(s) will be shipped as fast as we can put them together. Most orders ship within 1-2 business days.
    • Type and brand of feminine hygiene products are dependent on our available stock.
    • We reserve the right to substitute different sizes if the size you choose is out of stock (example: substitute 2 - 2oz shampoo for 4oz shampoo). We will always substitute the same or larger size!
    • Shower shoe size chart (please note sizes are approximate): Small 6-8 Medium 9-10 Large 11-12 XL 13

      **Please note that $0.25 is the starting cost of each kit before you add your items and not the total cost. Your price per kit will automatically update itself as you add items.
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