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Wipeable Healthcare Pillows by the Case

Looking for bulk pillows that can be easily, regularly wiped without worry of damage? Kristen Bed & Bath offers a variety of pillows from The Pillow Factory that will suit your needs perfectly, including styles in the popular Cloud Nine pillows, Comfort Care pillows and Care Guard pillows lines. Our wipeable pillows are most preferred for hospitals and other medical and long-term care facilities. With a focus on comfort, quality and affordability, these bulk pillows make it possible to provide patients and residents with a cozy place to lay their head that is also designed with hygiene in mind.

At, we pride ourselves on being the best source for high-quality bulk pillows. Compromising patient comfort shouldn?t be considered an option, and with the selections you?ll find here, you can put the battle between quality and price to rest with options that bring the best of both. Important features of the wipeable pillows we carry include choices that are: resilient, stain resistant, fluid resistant, flame resistant, breathable, quiet and/or anti-microbial treated. We also offer styles in both medium loft and firm loft so you can provide patients or residents with pillows that work for their individual preference, or are best compatible with positions they must sleep in due to surgery, injury or disability. It?s important to remember how much small things like a comfortable, clean pillow matter, especially for those spending a large part of their day in bed. We only offer bulk pillows from companies trusted for their commitment to respecting that importance.

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