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Disposable Pillows by the Case

Looking for wholesale pillows at a price that won?t keep you up at night? You?ve found the right place to put your search to rest! Kristen Bed & Bath offers a variety of disposable pillows and wholesale pillows to meet your budget and needs, whether you?re looking to buy hospital pillows or pillows for use in hotels, motels, medical facilities, nursing homes, airlines or countless other locations! Ideal for naptime at a daycare, or even camping trips where you might want to toss your pillow after a week or so out in the wild, our selection of wholesale pillows provide a fresh, plush place to catch some catch some Z?s wherever they need catching.

Our selection includes several styles of individually shrink-wrapped, soft, breathable pillows from The Pillow Factory and waterproof disposable pillows from the Clark Pillow Co., Inc. Sold in cases of 12, and packaged in boxes designed for easy storage and dispensing, The Pillow Factory?s wholesale pillows are crafted with quality and rest in mind. While their disposability is essential for minimizing possibility of cross-contamination, they also understand they are designing a product where comfort is of paramount importance. Whichever of our wholesale pillows best suits your needs, you?ll find them at a dream of a price!

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