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Solid Nylon and Mesh Laundry Bags

Kristen Bed & Bath?s 100% nylon laundry bags and mesh laundry bags bring a value far beyond what meets the eye! What looks at first glance like a simple white bag can be your secret weapon in many ways at a hotel, motel, college, camp, nursing home, hospital, or even at home. We offer our mesh laundry bag and nylon laundry bags in 3 sizes to suit every need ? 18?x30?, 24?x36? and 30?x40?. We also offer heavyweight wholesale laundry bags in a variety of colors, sold by the dozen.

All of our mesh laundry bags are fully water immersible, making them a smart pick for camps, gyms, sports teams, water parks, shelters and any facility where guests will be making use of a great deal of towels or other clothing items that you?ll want to toss in the wash without worry. Those in charge of the laundry can more quickly and cleanly do their jobs, limiting their contact with each individual towel, wash cloth or other dirty garment. Looking for the durability of nylon but don?t want the mesh? Our solid nylon laundry bags will keep the clothing inside out of sight, which can be an ?appearances concern? for many hotels. Your cleaning staff can effectively get the dirty towels and linens to the laundry without passing guests seeing exactly what?s inside! You can even opt to personalize our commercial laundry bags with your name or logo, adding a polished, professional edge, and ensuring they don?t get mixed up with others, which is especially important if you send your laundry out.

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